Spécialiste en matériels pour l'avitaillement des aéronefs

Shell Water Detector

Shell Water Detector

The pastille or capsule shell water detector, indicate by the change of color of a sensitive paper, the possible presence of free water in suspension in the Jet fuel (JET-A1).

How to use:

After having prepared the bowl to control (1 L of JET A-1 in the jar of transparent glass)

In case of rain make the following operations under cover.

1) Take out the capsule of a tube, and check its date of use.

2) Check that this capsule and the chemical paper are in good condition.

3) Insert the capsule into the tip of the syringe when the piston of the syringe is in low position, (empty syringe)

4) Immerse half of the syringe and the capsule below the surface of the JET-A1

5) Suck up 5 mL with the syringe. Remove the capsule and observe the chemical paper of the pastille

Results interpretation:

- Weak variation of color from the yellow to the light green can be obtained from a water concentration of around 15 ppm, The green becoming darker with the increase of the quantity of present water in the controlled sample

- A significant change towards the green or blue color indicates a presence of free water of about 30 ppm


- Material in unique usage, for its period of validity. (~ 6 months)

- Use each pastille one time only

- Always close tubes after usage

- The sensibility of the pastille can be damaged after expiration of the date of use, written on every tube

How many caps do you need?

2 capsules by airplane filling + 1 by servicer, or bridger each day

If you have 10 trucks for 100 planes per day, you need 210 caps / day = 6510 caps/ month or 81 boxes of 80 capsules each month.